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San Antonio Woman Searches for New Homes for Her Dogs While in Hospice Care

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On April 7th, KENS5 posted photos of four dogs who need a new home. Very sadly, their owner, a San Antonio woman, is in hospice care, but she wants to find her beloved pets a new home before she passes on. The news explains that her family is unable to take the dogs, so they’re reaching out to the community for help. Bruno, Mega, Vera, and Brandy are their names, and hopefully, through the power of social media, they’ll find their new residence soon! Each is a loving rescue dog with a story of survival, but they’ll need veterinary care since the previous owner was unable to afford regular vet visits.

When God’s Dogs Rescue posted the story on their Facebook page, people connected with the story right away. Some wondered if the dogs should be relocated to a sanctuary for older pets, but providing efficient transport proved to be problematic (unless the dogs stayed in Texas.) Thankfully, Ena Silva, who also posted a call to action to get these pups adopted, said that someone who posted on her Facebook was willing to take all of the dogs. Though at this time, there isn’t any confirmation as to whether or not this deal is definitely happening. Contact Rachel with God’s Dog Rescue if you would like to help at [email protected]