Woman Poetically Explains What It’s Like to Have Dementia

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Last year, the Dementia Support Facebook page uploaded a video from Woman and Home Magazine featuring a brave woman who is willing to share her struggles with dementia. It’s hard for outsiders to comprehend how difficult and complicated it is to deal with the illness, and even though the video forces viewers to consider a brain disease that might make them anxious, bringing dementia to the light is incredibly important for families and those with the illness.

“What I want is not sympathy. What I want is simply to raise awareness,” Wendy Mitchell writes on her blog, “Which me am I today?” Mitchell, who is featured in the video, explains that she started the blog as a way to hold on to her thoughts and paint a full picture of her life after being diagnosed with dementia.

Mitchell certainly has a way with words. Her latest blog post is a short poem about embracing nature when the world seems turned on its head, and in the video below, she creates a metaphor for dementia involving a pair of bookcases. While Mitchell is still functioning rather well, she knows that difficult days are ahead. To follow her journey, read her blog here.