Woman Rescues Beautiful Albino Raccoon

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We hate spam too, we'll never share your email address says that the odds of spotting an albino raccoon are about one in 750,000, but animal rehabilitator Maxine Raney saw one every day while she nursed the rare creature back to health.

The unique raccoon came to A New Hope Animal Sanctuary and Education Center after she was rescued from terrible living conditions by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources. According to the New Hope website, “She was in a suspended wire cage and had likely never felt the ground beneath her feet. She came to us covered in fleas, missing hair, and covered in sores from the wire.”

They were warned that the raccoon was highly volatile and to be weary of attacks. But after Raney cleaned the creature up and nurtured her, the raccoon became very affectionate and able to be handled easily. They named her Isis after the Egyptian goddess, and she’s still living in the sanctuary.

Tragically, Raney passed away earlier this month. A New Hope is now looking for someone to fulfill her incredible vision of helping animals. If you know anyone interested in this kind of work, check out their Facebook page for details on how to keep the organization running for animals like Isis.

Helping out the GADNR by holding onto this beautiful albino raccoon temporarily.

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This angel went to the vet today and is currently sleeping on my lap on the ride home.

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