Somehow This Woman Sings Beautifully While in Labor

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Some women cry during labor, others scream, and others stay almost silent. Not many sing while they’re preparing to give birth. In a new viral video that has almost 2.5 million views, a strong-willed woman manages to sing beautifully when she’s about to give birth.

The video begins with expecting mom Temple already in labor with Koa, who she will soon find out is a 10-pound, happy baby boy. Since Temple opted for a home birth, she sits in a comfortable setting and has musical accompaniment for the song she chose to sing during contractions.

As Temple’s 7-year-old daughter filmed, she belted out a beautiful version of “Psalm 23” by Michael Olson. The video states that she went through “two strong contractions while singing,” but she sings so passionately, it’s hard to tell when they happened!

Temple seems to focus and hold on to every word she sings, taking in the meaning of the moment and the song. Several commenters on the video said they intend on trying to sing through their contractions after seeing Temple do so. It’s a beautiful moment that feels like an honor to witness.