Woman Sues After Contacts She Bought at a Flea Market Blinded Her

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Liza Garcia had previously purchased cosmetic contact lenses from her local flea market, but last year, she received a pair that blinded her after three days of use. The Star-Telegram reports that she bought the lenses from “the One Stop Contact Lenses booth at the National Flea Market in Lubbock.”

Last week, Garcia filed a $1 million lawsuit against the flea market, the man who sold her the contacts and the manufacture of the Bella lenses, Orion Vision Group. says that after she wore the contacts her eyes began to swell and burn. When she went to the ER, she was told she had a severe bacterial infection which lead to a build up of scar tissue and blindness.

The Star-Telegram reported that Garcia’s attorney, Rion Sanford, stated, “Obviously she’s not someone who has grown up with this disability, so she is not ready for it. She’s going to have to go through a lot of rehab. She may be helped through a lot of corneal transplants but we’re not sure.”

The FDA says that any type of contacts, cosmetic or corrective, require a prescription and proper fitting at a doctor’s office for use.