Woman Mistakenly Texts Stranger, Invites Him to Thanksgiving

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Wanda Dench of Mesa, Arizona was trying to make sure her grandson knew what time to arrive at her house on Thanksgiving. She had no idea she had texted the wrong number.

Seventeen-year-old Jamal Hinton received the message while he was in class. He was a bit confused, but he thought his grandma might have a new phone number. He asked for a photo just in case. Once Dench sent a selfie, Hinton laughed and sent her a picture of himself. “You not my grandma…can I still get a plate though?” he joked.

CNN reports that Dench replied with a true sense of the holidays. “Of course you can. That’s what grandmas do…feed everyone!” she said. Happily, Hinton came over on Thanksgiving day for a meal with Dench’s family. The two hugged and became fast friends. Dench said she was excited to learn more about Hinton and his plans for the future.

Even though he had to head out early to share Thanksgiving with his own family, both were able to enrich each other’s lives, all because of a mistaken text message. ABC 13 says Dench credits God as the reason she’s formed a bond with her accidental friend.

Photos of their meeting can be seen here thanks to ABC 15.