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Will Women Be Required to Register for the Draft?

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A new bill will soon go before the House to determine if women will be required to register for the draft. In May of this year, the United States House Armed Services Committee approved the idea, and last week, it was passed by the Senate as part of the defense spending bill.

The draft, also known as “the selective service,” would mark 459,000 Texas women as qualified. Captain Peter Van Howe with the United States Army told KXAN that 40 out of 200 enlisted people in Austin this year are women.

Since this is the first time in history women in America would be drafted, there are opposing viewpoints on the matter. Texas Senator Ted Cruz says it’s too much of a “radical departure” from the past while Arizona Senator John McCain calls it “simply fair.”

In December 2015, all combat jobs were opened to women in service. The army is implementing a 5-step plan toward integration where the first women who serve in infantry battalions will command incoming recruits.