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Wonder Woman Roller Coaster in the Works at Fiesta Texas

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Next spring, Six Flags Fiesta Texas will debut a new coaster called the Golden Lasso. The thrilling new technologically advanced ride will be themed after none other than everyone’s new favorite superhero, Wonder Woman. According to SixFlags.com, Wonder Woman’s Golden Lasso Coaster will complete the trilogy of DC superhero thrill rides at the San Antonio theme park. (The other two coasters are Batman: The Ride and Superman: Krypton Coaster.)

Though the coaster won’t be built and ready for riders until next spring, Six Flags has already released a CGI rendering of the coaster to get fans ready. The AV Club explains that usually, coasters run on two rails, but the Golden Lasso will run “on a single 15.5-inch-wide track.” It should provide a smoother ride for the brave people who want to plunge down a 90 degree, 100-foot-high drop reaching 52 mph. There will also be three inversions to look forward to along with a “180 degree stall” which is described as when a “train turns half-way over and leaves riders hanging for a few seconds before finishing its roll.”

Construction will begin soon on the Golden Lasso. Follow the Six Flags website for updated photos for the construction, which is sure to look interesting due to the unique single-rail design.