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The New Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Roller Coaster Gives Riders a Thrill in San Antonio

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Coasterforce has given viewers the opportunity to experience the Wonder Woman Golden Lasso roller coaster at Six Flags Fiesta Texas in San Antonio, here in the Texas Hill Country. For those who were unaware, the design and development of this latest ride was announced in August 2017, and park goers eagerly awaited its inaugural run.

The roller coaster features “…a 90-degree drop, a 180-degree stall, two airtime hills, a zero-gravity roll and over-banked turns.” It also has three eight-person cars that sit on a 15-inch-wide track. This new attraction comes on the heels of a series of capital investments made by the park, including Batman: The Ride roller coaster in 2015 and the Thunder Rapids water coaster in 2017.

The sound of the cars making their way up the first hill of this short but intense ride is almost enough on its own to give viewers real butterflies! Designed to give riders the feeling that they’re taking a trip along Wonder Woman’s weapon of choice – a golden lasso – this coaster is the very first of its kind. Labeled an RMC (Rocky Mountain Construction) Raptor coaster, according to Coasterforce’s YouTube video description, the single rail allows for “…quicker and smoother transitions than traditional dual track coasters.”