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Texas Toddler Goes Viral for Wonder Woman/Whataburger Photo Shoot

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JG Photography based in Victoria, Texas has struck a chord with Whataburger and superhero fans with their new adorable photo shoot featuring a little girl dressed as “WhatA-Woman,” a character which spawned from a bit of wordplay on Wonder Woman.

The photos show JG model Ashlynn posing with Whataburger “accessories” like a couple of famous white and orange striped cups on her arms that serve as unique pieces of armor. Ashlynn really sells the costume by serving up determined and stoic looks that display the great imagination that all kids have.

News outlets like KENS 5 reported on the photos, which were taken outside of San Antonio in Gonzalez, Texas. “Her mom, Briana Bautista said she had no idea her daughter’s photo shoot would go viral,” the news writes. KHOU even compiled a video of the pictures with the thought that maybe Ashlynn’s WhatA-Woman could become Whataburger’s mascot. But by the look on her face, she might be too busy saving the world to pose for any more photos.

Check out the adorable “outfit” and maybe jot down a few early ideas for a Halloween costume. Who wouldn’t feel awe-inspiring wearing Whataburger garb?