Wonky Mr. Potato Head Wants You to Reconsider Your Produce Choices

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Mr. Potato Head isn’t looking quite as put together lately. The popular Hasbro children’s toy recently underwent a make-under for a good cause and has reemerged as an exclusive item called Wonky Mr. Potato Head.

Hasbro joined forces with Asda, a UK grocery store chain, to create Wonky Mr. Potato Head in order to benefit FareShare, a surplus food redistribution charity. Their collective goal is to encourage customers to not simply choose the “perfect” fruits and veggies, but to become aware of food waste and realize that even strange looking produce is tasty!

Asda is no stranger to wonkiness. They recently sold £3.50 “Wonky Veg Boxes” that were filled with produce costing 30% less due to a few oddities or blemishes. The deal was extremely popular with customers.

If you want to know where to find your own Wonky Mr. Potato Head, he’s going to be extremely hard to come by. So far, one toy is up for bid on Ebay with the proceeds going to FareShare, and the other is on Asda’s Facebook page and website as a giveaway (available to the UK only unfortunately).

Though he looks a bit “off,” this toy is downright adorable. Next time you’re digging around for the most beautiful vegetable, remember that a little bit of wonky can be just as appealing.