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C.O.W.S.: The Acronym Heard Around the World for Authentic Western Wear

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Those looking for handmade Western workwear and clothing straight out of West Texas needn’t look any further than Classic Old West Styles (C.O.W.S.) out of El Paso. For products that are made right here in the U.S.A., from an outfitter that knows their stuff (they’re the clothing supplier for AMC’s “Hell on Wheels”), the classic old West styles of dusters, vests, shirts and pants that suit your heart’s content can all be found in the Sun City.

The go-to place for ranch hands and movie stars, Classic Old West Styles is a wholesaler as well as a manufacturer specializing in such vintage looks. If it’s authentic western cowboy gun leather and 1880 period clothing you’re in search of, their website has plenty of selection, and a face-to-face visit in El Paso is even better!

C.O.W.S.: The Acronym Heard Around the World for Authentic Western Wear

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Featuring leather gun holsters, belts, rifle scabbards, cowboy banded collar shirts and suspender pants, vests, and jackets, as well as a new line of concealment clothing, Classic Old West Styles can help suit you and your party to a “T” or source a supplier that meets your needs. Beloved by television and film producers, along with the Single Action Shooting Society (SASS), C.O.W.S. makes available all the authentic western wear of the period in newly made and authenticated. Customers from “Shanghai Noon” and “September Dawn.” As well as Disney Productions swear by them, and they even serve Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (it was said that while he was coaching Native American kids in the Four Corners area of New Mexico, he was known to call the store to order specific items.) Authenticated, proudly made in America, and started right here in Texas, Classic Old West Styles has what you’ve been looking for and it’s here in the Lone Star State. “In my 30 years of manufacturing all over the world, I have found there is no better worker in the world than the U.S. worker,” said Sebastian Ramirez of C.O.W.S. And, we tend to believe him.