What the World Would Be Like if Texas Didn’t Exist

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With a rich and storied past, Texas has contributed much to the textbooks and lives of everyone that’s come to be since its establishment. But, what if Texas didn’t exist? What would things be like? We thought you might be surprised, so we put our heads together and came up with a few things we feel would clearly be different. Here’s what we think the world would be like if such a thing came to pass.

1. There Would Be No Alamo

What the World Would be Like if Texas Didn’t Exist

Photo: Facebook/The Alamo

Without our history and struggles, trials and tribulations, there would be no Alamo, no “Remember the Alamo!” and no Alamo-shaped anything. The contributions that this mission has made to Texas history and the story of our establishment is immense. There’s so much more to it than just a walk through a museum. It’s a palpable feeling when you stand on the property and in the presence of that memorable building outline.

2. No State Fair of Texas and No Big Tex

What the World Would be Like if Texas Didn’t Exist

Photo: Facebook/Floafers

What would the world be like without the State Fair of Texas or Big Tex? It would be an awfully dark place without fair food, rides, or memorable moments. Lovers wouldn’t have Ferris wheel stories, kids wouldn’t have thrill-ride tales, and foodie fans wouldn’t have the Big Tex Choice Awards! It sounds completely wretched, actually.

3. Truck Sales Would Plummet

What the World Would be Like if Texas Didn’t Exist

Photo: Facebook/Ram Trucks

If it weren’t for Texas, we’d like to think that Ford, Chevrolet, and Dodge wouldn’t have such tremendous bottom lines or perhaps even be in the black! Practically every second vehicle on the highways and bi-ways of the Lone Star State is a pickup truck, and for good reason (most of the time)! Imagine trying to haul hay or feed in a Subaru.

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