World War II Veteran Reunites Tenderly with Wartime Sweetheart 70 Years Later

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Do you remember how it felt when you fell in love for the first time? It’s a feeling that makes us want to reach for more, to be better people, and to spread as much warmth and love around the world as we possibly can.

For Frank Norwood, a World War II veteran from Virginia Beach, Virginia, he never forgot Joyce Durrant, the girl who always tugged at the corner of his mind, asking, ‘What if.’ Recently, the Internet caught wind of his story, and the wheels were set in motion for the two to meet again after over 70 years apart with no contact.

Their story is incredibly historical: she was thinking of entering nurses’ training, and their romance was cut short because he was shipped across the sea to fight in the Battle of Normandy. Frank never forgot her. When the war ended, and he returned home, he asked her to come to the U.S. “to be his wife, but she broke [his] heart” as she was about to enter nurses’ training.

Thankfully, their reunion seemed to go wonderfully, and Norwood has politely asked all media to let them be for his two-week trip in Australia so they may enjoy each other’s company in peace.