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World’s Largest Indoor Playground Exists in Texas, And You Have to See it to Believe It

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Located in Memorial City Mall, Frolic’s Castle in Houston, Texas, is being billed as the world’s largest indoor playground for younger kids. At 3,000-square-feet, this three-level, medieval-designed interactive facility is an amazing thing to behold, and the hope is that your children will love it!

Complete with a castle, an enchanted forest setting, knights, wizards, and fire-breathing dragons which are uniquely family-friendly, Harry Hadland, Vice President of Retail and Hospitality for the venue told ABC 13, “Our intent was to create something special and over-the-top. It’s an unforgettable, interactive adventure.”

Highlighted on the ABC 13 ‘Cool Space’ feature for the Eyewitness News program, this video shows all of the big-ticket items that pack a big punch in a kid’s psyche when it comes to imaginative and interactive play. Opened in October 2014, the soft play area is made from sculpted foam which was hand-crafted, and all play elements were custom-made from certified fungal- and bacteria-resistant materials. Featuring the opportunity to run around, play, and generally get rambunctious in an indoor setting, complete with air conditioning, this playground of sorts is a Texas summertime hit (as you can well imagine.) This fairy-tale-themed playland is also home to a Frolic the friendly green dragon (for whom the indoor playground is named,) his wife Felicity, and Puffy, their son. Sometimes, Frolic even makes public appearances! Averaging approximately 1,000 visitors per week, Frolic’s Castle is a certified kids’ classic in the memory-making department, and for parents, the free admission isn’t all that bad either!


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