The Top Top 3 Texas Ghost Towns to Visit

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There are good ghost towns, and then there are great ghost towns. Luckily, Texas has a plethora of both. Do you agree with these choices for the top three ghost towns in Texas?

In the Texas Country Reporter’s viewer poll, they asked readers to vote for their favorite ghost towns in Texas to find out the best.

The third choice? Fort Griffin in Albany.

The town was originally established as part of the frontier fort system for the expansion of the United States after the Civil War. However, as the frontier pushed farther and farther west, there was little need for this fort’s protection and a ghost town it became.

The viewer’s second choice was Indianola in the Matagorda Bay. In 1846, it was the main entry point for European immigrants entering Texas and through the revitalization, it experienced a huge economic boom. It was the second largest port in the state until a series of hurricanes in the 1870s and 1880s did enough irreparable damage that the townspeople moved elsewhere.

The top choice for Texas’ best ghost town? None other than Terlingua, one of the gateway entrances to Big Bend National Park now. It popped up from nowhere after quicksilver was discovered, but the mining settlement was abandoned when the quicksilver ran out.

However, the town holds a famous chili cook off each year so combine that with a legendary bar still running, and you’ve got the recipe for the best Texas ghost town. Or do you?