3 Reasons We Love Wrangler Buns, Not Saggy Bottoms

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Ladies, we’ve all seen it. You’re at the mall or in the grocery store and some kid ambles by with his two-sizes-too-big drawers around his knees and his skivvies exposed nearly to their hemline. You pray fervently that the wallet he’s carrying isn’t heavy enough to cause his precariously perched pants to puddle at his feet and expose you to even more parts of him than you ever wanted to see.

1. Saggy Pants are a Health Hazard

Three Reasons Not to Wear Droopy Drawers

Photo: Flickr/las-initially

Don’t these poor kids realize that it’s not just a fashion faux pax that they’ve created, but a health hazard too? Suppose those drawers do fall down. Have you ever tried walking around with your pants around your ankles? You can’t move very fast. What if there is a fire? You might trip. You could hurt yourself. You might cause others around you to fall down too…in laughter. C’mon kids, there’s a reason your pants have belt loops.

2. Droopy Drawers Make You Look Like You’re Hiding Something

Three Reasons Not to Wear Droopy Drawers

Photo: Flickr/Kay

Do those droopy drawered dudes really believe that wearing their pants like that is a turn on? Here’s the deal. Most women would like to have some kind of idea as to what they’re getting in a guy before they agree to a date. It’s called the law of attraction. When guys wear their pants in such a way that it looks as if they can’t get them to their waist for whatever reason, it may give a woman pause. What exactly is that guy hiding in all that bagginess in the behind?

And then there’s the way they walk. Like a duck that has just overindulged in a  12-course dinner. They waddle to and they waddle fro and they just look silly.

3. Country Girls Prefer Wranglers

Three Reasons Not to Wear Droopy Drawers

Photo: Facebook/Texas.TX

Yes, it’s easy to see why country women prefer cowboys. A good-lookin’ man in a nice fittin’ pair of Wranglers is a work of art. The picture speaks for itself. And a cowboy in pants that fit is less likely to trip, hide unknown items in his britches, or toddle around like an over-stuffed waterfowl. And a steady, honest, straight-walkin’ cowboy is the best of them all.