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Wrong Seat at the Wrong Time! A Texan’s Most Embarrassing Moment

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I was nostalgic when my youngest son, Christopher, left for college. He left home with all the confidence that comes with being a college freshman. I remember well my college years. Christopher attends the same university in Abilene that I graduated from in 1971. In comparison, Christopher was more sophisticated and smarter than I ever was. My social skills back then were slightly above those of a mole, and my intelligence could be capsuled in a shirt pocket.

In college, academics were a challenge to me. Bible, algebra, and biology were taught at an elevation and rate that confused my foggy mind. Grades were not my major concern, but girls were. Finding a girl was not an issue, but knowing what to do and where to go certainly was. Back home in Seymour, Texas, the only event on the social menu was a ‘picture show’ at the drive-in movie. Now at Abilene Christian University, when I attempted to take a young lady to the drive-in, she respectfully informed me that “good girls” didn’t go to those places. That must have meant those other girls in Seymour that went to the drive-in with me weren’t good girls. If they were bad, I didn’t know it. Believe me, I tried determining if they were bad.

Wrong Seat at the Wrong Time! A Texan's Most Embarrassing Moment

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At college, there was a beautiful young lady named Rachel, whose father was a preacher. I asked Rachel to the movies. She accepted, which only added to my personal apprehension. I was nervous because we were going to a downtown movie theater, and I was quite sure I had not acquired the social skills to get her seated, obtain refreshments, and then find my way back to my seat.

I arrived on time to pick Rachel up but got into the movie late because of difficulty negotiating through the ticket-purchasing window. It was dark inside when we got seated, and the theatre was terribly crowded. Rachel suggested we get some popcorn, so I excused myself to go to the concession area. Fearful of getting lost, I memorized my row and seat number. All the way down the steps I repeated row 14, seats 1 and 2, row 14, seats 1 and 2.

Two large Dr Peppers and a giant bag of popcorn later, I retraced my steps back to Rachel. I again repeated row 12, seats 2 and 3, row 12, seats 2 and 3. I settled in next to Rachel, and she snuggled up against me and started munching popcorn. This cuddling part inspired me so much that I put my arm around her. I was so involved in thinking about my next move that I paid little attention to the person to my right, drinking my Dr Pepper.

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