Oldest Working Man in Texas: WWII Vet Drinks Two Dr Peppers a Day

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Last week, Chester Hollingsworth reached a notable milestone, one that catapulted him into the record books. On October 18, he became Texas’ oldest working man at the ripe old age of 101. In an interview with CBS DFW, the centenarian shared bits of his life story, as well as what he believes is his secret to living a long life.

Oldest Working Man in Texas: WWII Vet Drinks Two Dr Peppers a Day

Photo: Facebook/Dallas Flooring Warehouse

According to the article, Hollingsworth grew up on a cotton farm near the town of Greenville. In 1941, the day after the bombing of American ships and servicemen in Pearl Harbor, the then 24-year-old enlisted in the navy and eventually landed on the west coast, in San Diego, California.  Once his service was complete, he returned to the Lone Star State.

However, good things were still ahead for the young Hollingsworth, as he played a role in starting up what is currently known as the Dallas Flooring Warehouse. Amazingly, all these years later, he still goes into work twice a week.

Hollingsworth stated in his interview, “I just like to be with people. I don’t mind working.”

However, the state’s oldest employee does credit something other than a love for people for his longevity. His secret?

Drinking Dr. Pepper twice a day.

Interestingly enough, another Texas centenarian, Elizabeth Sullivan who passed away last year after reaching 106 years of age, also attributed her long life to the popular soda. Regardless of the reason behind Hollingsworth’s latest accomplishment, we here at Texas Hill Country would like to wish him a very Happy Belated Birthday, as well as several more to grow on.