Yanaguana Garden (Say That Three Times Fast!) is Magical Texas Fun

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According to TripAdvisor, Yanaguana Garden opened in 2015 and has since “become the second most frequented park per acre in Texas.” Designed for both young and old, its 4.1 acres feature a splash pad, public art displays, a games plaza, and historic homes which have been rejuvenated and now offer visitors a variety of cuisine. It also boasts more than 500 free events each year! Have you been to this popular San Antonio attraction? If not, here’s the straight goods on why you should!

Thrillist featured Yanaguana in its list of “Actually Cool Things to Do in San Antonio When Someone Visits.” But, really, you don’t need to wait until someone visits! “Part public art show, part playground for kids and adults, and all beautiful, this garden is a great place to relax and showcases the best that urban design has to offer,” Georgina Buckley wrote for With a great variety of dining establishments encompassing the garden, you won’t be at a loss for delicious food or drink. From chocolate milk for the kiddies to margaritas and craft beers for the adults, the nearby coffee houses, food trucks, and cafes/bars definitely aim to please!

Yanaguana Garden (Say That Three Times Fast!) is Magical Texas Fun

Photo: Facebook/Justin Moore

Located at Hemisfair (434 South Alamo St.), this downtown San Antonio gem has a sand play area, swings, and climbing structures for the kids, giant chess and checkerboards for the whole family, and dog-friendly spaces. Area entertainment and dining includes a pizzeria, a yoga and healing arts venture, a deliciously sweet bakery and coffee house, and of course, a cantina! Not only that, but the Tower of the Americas, the Institute of Texan Cultures, the Magik Theatre, and the Mexican Cultural Institute are all in the immediate vicinity!

Yanaguana Garden (Say That Three Times Fast!) is Magical Texas Fun

Photo: Facebook/Carl Merkle

The play areas at Yanaguana Garden (that’s just plain fun to say, lol) was designed by Susan Goldman, a cognitive development expert. They’re meant to help kids with education, cooperation, and coordination. There are also accessibility areas designed to welcome everyone to play, in conjunction with a pre-k playhouse and swing set for the youngest among us. Teens and adults might also enjoy the Bocce Ball court, as well as the stone ping-pong and foosball tables. There are also the six public art pieces throughout the garden which comprise a display called “PLAY.” Children are welcomed to not only enjoy seeing these pieces, but also play among such things as the “Play Theater,” and “Campsite” (with really cool tent-like structures). There’s also an art/seating area called the “Kite Table” which offers kids and their families a place to relax and play.

Yanaguana Garden (Say That Three Times Fast!) is Magical Texas Fun

Photo: Facebook/John Garcia

Aside from that, who wouldn’t want to check out the splash pad (on warmer days, obviously), attend a free public fitness class, or simply eat, drink, and be merry? Yanaguana Garden in San Antonio is a haven for the hungry, inspired, playful, young, and young-at-heart. And it’s all right here in Texas.