Yankees Try to Guess Southern Slang

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It’s happened to all of us at one point or another: we get flustered or excited and just let our southern slang fly. Our Yankee friends just stand there, staring at us with mouth agape wondering what it is we just said. Well, to poke some fun at our Northern friends, you’ll love watching this video of Yankees guessing Southern slang, as told by a Georgia peach and a Kentucky boy.

It’s almost kind of sad the Yanks couldn’t decipher a few more words, I mean Southern slang isn’t as obscure as something like a New Englander saying. From “piddle” to “tan my hide,” these poor folks were just clueless.

The best joke of all is when one girl asks innocently, “People say this?” And the answer, darlin’, is that yes, they absolutely do! And when you hear, “Tan your hide,” you better run because your Momma is fixin’ to spank you into the next lifetime.

Watch as these Yankees try to decipher Southern slang and feel proud that you know most of the words, or you could quiz yourself to see how many you get right.