Man Starts YouTube Channel to Chronicle Bad Driving in Houston

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Six months ago, Justin Welling started a YouTube channel called Bad Drivers of Houston with video shot through his own dashcam. He already has 60 videos uploaded, the majority of which are 10 minute long compilations from his commutes. Needless to say, Welling has plenty of content to share highlighting near wrecks and bizarre and brazen driving decisions.

In one video, a car is seen driving up on the sidewalk to avoid traffic, while another shows a man reading a book while behind the wheel. Of course, there are plenty of instances of line-changing mishaps, red light running, and turns that nearly result in a collision.

Arguments have erupted in the comments section of Welling’s videos regarding his own driving. In one video, in particular, he overreacts and lays on his horn when a car lets in another vehicle trying to cut the line of traffic to an exit. It’s a sight Houstonians know well and often have to deal quell their own road rage while dealing with. But Welling admits that he isn’t a perfect driver. He told ABC 13 that he’s able to see his own mishaps by reviewing the tapes.

If you don’t see enough bad driving in your daily life, check out the Bad Drivers of Houston channel here.