TX YouTube Star Loves Luxury and Dumpster Dives for Cosmetics

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Rich Lux, a South Houston based YouTuber, has nearly 32,000 subscribers who watch his make-up reviews and humorous chats about YouTube drama. Lux loves the finer things like luxury brands of cosmetics, but he’s also not afraid to find a bargain.

ABC 13 joined Lux as he showed off a unique skill – dumpster diving for makeup. And he’s not afraid of any judgment. “”Look. I am not bothered, Miss Thing. People are looking at me like I am crazy but I am getting the deals – expired make up companies throw away and you can get it in the dumpster for free,” Lux told the news.

While the camera was rolling, Lux excitedly pulled a Jeffree Star Cosmetic’s Skin Frost out of a large trash bin full of boxes. The large compact used for highlighting retails online for $29, but it also reveals that Lux’s journey to the dumpster was intended to a bit of satire, as any makeup lover knows Jeffree Star’s products aren’t available at Ulta.

ABC 13 warns that if you try dumpster diving, you could find yourself in some legal trouble as well as physical trouble. Dumpsters aren’t the safest of objects to be climbing around in, so it’s not recommended that others start stalking trash bins around Ulta.

Watch Rich Lux’s adventures here.