YouTuber Compares $332 Water Versus $1 Water

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When YouTuber Guava Juice read that a Japanese company was making a $332 bottle of water, he knew he wanted to try it out and compare it to a $1 bottle of Aquafina on his YouTube channel. This way, those who are curious can live vicariously through his experience without spending a ridiculous amount of cash.

The expensive water is called Fillico Jewelry Water. Their website says they’re a “high-class mineral water brand” that’s been around since 2005. The bottle certainly looks pricey. It’s “inspired by The Trulli of Alberobello, the world heritage in Italy, and also a slim and elegant frame of a woman.” Swarovski crystals dot the delicate shape of the bottle. Inside is water from Kobe, Japan, which flows through the Rokko Mountains and over long stretches of granite.

After trying it, Guava Juice refers to the expensive water as “smoother” than Aquafina, but overall he wasn’t terribly impressed. It seems like the bottle is making up for about $330 worth of the price tag.

Watch this YouTuber’s full reaction in the video below, but be forewarned that he doesn’t use a tripod so the video is a bit jumpy, almost as if it’s mimicking the lunacy of an over $300 bottle of water!