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ZDT’s Amusement Park: A Reasonably-Priced, Heart-Pounding Good Time

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If you’re looking for some good, reasonably-priced amusement park entertainment for the whole family without having to drive to one of Texas’ larger cities, make your way to Seguin and check out ZDT’s Amusement Park. Family owned and operated since 2007, ZDT’s is located right off of Interstate 10 in the middle of Seguin. The site of a former grocery store shopping center and agricultural land, the owners of ZDT’s opted to reuse and repurpose the buildings on the site instead of tearing them down, thereby retaining some of the charm and history of the town of Seguin.

Featuring Active Attractions, Video Arcade and Heart-Stopping Coasters

Amusement Park

Photo: Facebook/zdtamusementpark

ZDT’s Amusement Park (named for the park owner’s three children – Zac, Danielle, and Tiffany) is small but mighty, adding on and improving every year. Bring your swimsuits because the park now has several water rides, including the Mad Rafter Water Coaster. The Mad Rafter Water Coaster is sure to give you a jolt of excitement (and perhaps a splash of water). The park also features active attractions, such as a rock wall, jungle playground, and trampoline fun to burn off some energy. The video game arcade features games that will bring back memories for the parents and create new memories for the kids.

The Switchback: Custom-Designed Wooden Roller Coaster


Photo: Facebook/zdtamusement

The latest addition to the park is the new custom-designed roller coaster, The Switchback. The Switchback is named after America’s first roller coaster, (The Switchback Railway) built in 1884 that went a mind-blowing six MPH. ZDT’s Switchback roller coaster is the only modern wooden roller coaster to go both forwards and backwards. The characteristic sound of the creaking wood of the tracks coupled with the slinging forward and backward at high speeds and sharp angles make The Switchback a heart-stopper for sure.

An Easy Spring Break Getaway

ZDT's amusement park
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