Zero-Waste Texas Brewery Blends Beer and Food for Magical Results

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There’s a relationship between alcohol and food that is revered. Although wine and its pairings seem to take center stage, the understudy and soon-to-be star of the show is beer. Both are derived from food (wine from grapes, beer from wheat), but one is becoming a front-runner in a zero-waste brewery that’s taking the limelight in Texas.

The Brewer’s Table, located in a Quonset hut in Austin, is the brainchild of Jake Maddux. His experience speaks for itself, since Maddux was formerly with Thirsty Planet Brewing. His skill and creative energy are expressed in the products and philosophy of The Brewer’s Table, which opened in the spring of 2018. The passion behind the product has Head Brewer Drew Durish (of Live Oak Brewing) learning the craft of Executive Chef Zach Hunter (of Fixe fame) and vice versa. The exchange of talent and skill results in beer and food that surpass your average, everyday pairings. In the process, Hunter has developed main courses and desserts from brewing by-products, such as yeast and spent grain. Meanwhile, Durish has come up with wood-fermented brewing methods that incorporate food scraps, making for a zero-waste craft brewery and food concept which has yet to be mirrored.

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Brewer’s Table boasts a toasted barley ice cream which is sprinkled with hops salt, drizzled with hops honey, and is served in a beer-grain waffle cone! Not only that, but a yeast caramel prevents the delicious dessert from dripping out of the bottom. On the brewery side, a beer made with apples and sunchokes (candied peelings and food scraps) is the perfect thing to wet your whistle – and this is just one of many great ideas the business offers its growing customer base.

Zero-Waste Texas Brewery Blends Beer and Food for Magical Results

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The Brewer’s Table can be found in a Quonset hut in East Austin with ample parking. There’s even a shipping container bar located in the lager garden on-premises. It has an open concept dining room in which you can watch your meals being prepared over a wood fire while the six in-house beers brew along the opposite side. The bar also features 26 rotating guest brews, and there’s even a complementing menu of flavorful cocktails. Showcasing the connection between food and drink in a completely satisfying and harmonious way, Brewer’s Table speaks to the ingredients of both as if they were one. And it shows! Visit The Brewer’s Table at 4715 E. 5th St. Austin, Texas, and follow them on Facebook at this link