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10 Best San Antonio Restaurants for Dinner Under $20

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If you’re like us, it’s not often that you go out pining for some fine dining and instead look for crafty foods and drinks that won’t hit you where it hurts: your pocketbook. That’s why we’ve taken a close look at some of San Antonio’s most authentic spots for flavorful food that’ll set you back $20 bucks or less. And, while we could probably eat San Antonio BBQ every night at Texas Hill Country, the list here is one that’s inclusive to fare with recipe roots from all over.

1. Kimura

In Japanese, kimura means “tree village.”  When Chef Michael Sohocki started this homey, urban-style Japanese restaurant, he did it with the thought that transparency is the key ingredient to success: they have their standards of service quite literally written on the wall. And not only is the service great, but the food is too. For under $20, you can get one of the best bowls of Tonkotsu ramen in the city.

2. Dignowity Meats

By combining East Coast deli options with Midwest barbecue flavors, Dignowity Meats has made a name for itself with the lunch crowd. Late last year, they finally opened their doors for dinner and voila! Now you can have a delicious Que Rico or the Burnt End Melt for a price well below your $20 price tag.

3. Barbaro

They call their pizza “upscale” at Barbaro, but to our wallets, it’s anything but. This re-imagined pizza parlor makes a killer pie, combining ingredients creatively. Dinner plates start at just $8.

4. La Sorrentina

How about another Italian option? La Sorrentina does both dine-in and takeout for pizzas, calzones, and sandwiches, and you can also grab yourself a shrimp cocktail if you like. And best yet, it’s priced for the students at nearby St. Mary’s, so it easily qualifies for our list of $20 and under favorites.

5. Smoke Shack

It used to be just a food truck, which we kind of miss. You see how dang adorable that thing was? But now that they’ve stepped up their game. Smoke Shack offers dinner service at their brick-and-mortar location with unbelievable southern-style BBQ menu items. And, a price tag that is more than just fair, so it easily earns a spot on our list.

6. Sushi Express

This family-owned bar and restaurant serves both authentic Korean and Japanese sushi for dinner. That means if you want a sushi roll, but your date wants beef bulgogi, that’s totally O.K., and neither will hit your wallet hard.

7. Thai Dee

The food at Thai Dee is as authentic as Thai gets in San Antonio. Chef Chanapol Sanseeha, who grew up in Thailand, started the restaurant after leaving culinary school. He decided to bring his skills back home to San Antonio, and deliver us his best Thai cuisine. The result? Delicious.

8. Where Y’at

Although it seems the Gulf Coast is just a stone’s throw away, it can actually be rather difficult to find good creole food. Enter Where Y’at, a downtown food truck that delivers “Authentic New Orleans Gourmet Street Food”. We’re not sure if that’s an oxymoron or not, but a pound of surf n’ turf done just right for a low price will not have us giving you any lip.

9. Dresden Cafe

Located in northern San Antonio, the Dresden Cafe fulfills all your bangers and mash needs. Their sausages, schnitzel and made-from-scratch desserts will leave you nothing short of satisfied, and the sit-down restaurant will earn your loyalty immediately..

10. The Luxury

Absolutely do not let that name fool you: The Luxury is anything but, in both price and flavor. Blue-collar favorites fuse with worldly flavors to fill up the menu with favorites such as the crispy fish banh mi and pressed pig sandwich. Delicious, and not budget-busting.