15 Incredible Texas Wildflowers You Should Know

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7. Blackfoot Daisy (Melampodium leucanthum)
Blackfoot Daisy
Photo: Flickr/Camelia TWU

These honey-scented flower bloom from March through November.

6. White Prickly Poppy (Argemone albiflora)
White Prickly Poppy
Photo: Flickr/Sarowen

These flowers were used to treat cataracts, but are otherwise poisonous. Livestock does not like the taste of them. They bloom from April through October across the western half of the U.S.

5. Mexican Hat (Ratibida columnifera)
Mexican Hat
Photo: Flickr/Jack

The colorful flower heads resemble sombreros and often bloom by the thousands in the months of May through October.

4. Prickly Pear Cactus (Opuntia phaeacantha)
Prickly Pear Cactus
Photo: Flickr/J.H. Fearless

Cactus flowers are often vibrant and beautiful, and the prickly pear is no exception. Found in abundance across much of Texas, they bloom from April through July.

3. Indian Blanket, Firewheel (Gaillardia pulchella)
Indian Blanket
Photo: Flickr/Larry Smith

These wildflowers are found in the western two-thirds of Texas. They usually bloom from May through August but can flower longer if rains are sufficient.

2. Indian Paintbrush (Castilleja linariaefolia)
Indian Paintbrush
Photo: Savannah Weingart

Indian Paintbrush roots grow until they reach the root of other plants, which they then use to feed off their nutrients. Transplanting paintbrush can kill it. Bloom time for these wildflowers is March through May, but each season is unpredictable. They tend to do their best when bluebonnets are having a down year.

1. Texas Bluebonnets (Lupinus texensis)Small blooms popping up in Round Rock, Texas
Photo: Jason Weingart

With no introduction needed, this is the beloved Texas state flower. These blue-to-purple flowers bloom from February to May and often cover large areas.

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