2017’s Best and Worst Cities for a Staycation

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A staycation is the answer when you are looking to save some money but still want to enjoy your time off. Whether your city has great features for a staycation depends on several things. Since it would be difficult for you to calculate the availability of options in your city, WalletHub did it for you. Is your city in the top 10? How awesome will your summer be if you stay in town this year?


To find the best and worst cities for staycations, WalletHub’s analysts looked at 36 criteria for 150 different cities across the U.S. The overall score was based on evenly weighing three subscores for each city. Recreation scores included the numbers of basketball hoops, hiking trails, and swimming pools. The number of museums, beer gardens, theaters, and restaurants contributed to the food and entertainment score. Analysts used summer weather conditions, the number of beaches, and massage costs to calculate the rest and relaxation score.

Best and Worst Staycation Destinations

Orlando Florida City Skyline Best Staycation City

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The top city overall for a staycation in 2017 was Orlando, Florida. With numerous attractions and a high number of restaurants, this central Florida vacation destination ranked high in the three subcategories, as well. It came in first for food and entertainment, and in the top 20 for the other subcategories. Chula Vista, California ranked 150 on the list, overall, which put it into last place. It also did not rank high in any of the three subcategories, resulting in its low total score.

Rankings in Subcategories

People on a Beach
Photo: Flickr/Ronald Saunders

If your city isn’t at the top of the list overall, it may still have placed well in one of the subcategories.  Chicago, Illinois took the top recreation spot while Augusta, Georgia ranked last in that category.

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