4 Texas Cryptids That May be Lurking in Your Neighborhood

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Hogzilla is otherwise a name given to the rare development of extremely large wild/feral hogs. Texas, with its exploding hog population, has encountered wide-ranging reports of giant hogs roaming the countryside. Cryptid hunters and cryptozoologists have been staking claims that there are hogs as big as 2000-3000 pounds out there in the wild based upon photos captured on game cameras.

Many of these photos have proven to be doctored photos and hoaxes. In Texas, the biggest hogs on record have weighed around 800 pounds. While anyone will tell you an 800-pound hog is gigantic, cryptid enthusiasts believe bigger hogs may be out there. Keep your eyes peeled, you may spot the official Hogzilla.

4. Black Bear

Black bear.

Photo: Flickr/Marie Hale

In the past, both East and West Texas had a healthy black bear population according to many local historical documents. As more people began migrating to Texas, the bear began to migrate elsewhere. As wildlife biologists in the various counties of Texas can testify, the black bear have all but disappeared.

While there may not be any bear in Texas according to Texas Parks and Wildlife, with the advent of game cameras and new technologies, locals are claiming sightings of black bear. These sightings have not been scientifically confirmed, but stay on the lookout, Texas has both the habitat and the climate to support a healthy black bear population!

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