4 Texas Cryptids That May be Lurking in Your Neighborhood

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Are they real or are they not? Biologists and cryptozoologists are hotly debating the reality and myth of species known as cryptids. A cryptid, depending on who you talk to, is either an animal that has not been biologically confirmed to exist, or a mythological creature that exists only in tall tales and local folklore. Whatever the case, here are four Texas cryptids to keep on your radar. Click here to see our list of five cryptids in the Texas Hill Country.

1. The Wampus Cat

The wampus cat.

Photo: Flickr/meknits

The Wampus Cat originally began as a tribal legend among Native American hunters in Tennessee. Allegedly, a woman of the tribe who spied on the hunters while wearing a cougar skin was transformed into a half woman/half cougar by one of the tribal elders as a punishment. Other legends abound.

Making its way into Texas, the Wampus Cat has been said to be a type big cat much like a cougar, just larger, more fearsome, and possibly with various types of mystical powers. Cryptid hunters and folklorists also report the Wampus Cat as a giant bobcat with an uncanny ability to swim and to disappear and reappear at will.

2. Bigfoot

Bigfoot? cryptid

Photo: Flickr/JD Hancock

Bigfoot, Sasquatch, the Squatch Himself, whatever you want to call him, Texas is not devoid of its own rumors, suspicions, and sightings of one of the most famous cryptids of all time.

Texas has many sightings and reports of Bigfoot. Some have been “caught” on camera, but none have been confirmed by science. While reports have been made in every geographical region in the state, the highest concentration has come from East and Southeast Texas, particularly the Piney Woods region. If you live in these regions, stay on the lookout. You could very well receive a visit from this famous beast.

3. Hogzilla

Photo: Flickr/Boris Kasimov

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