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5 Fun Things To Do in Llano This Fall

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If you’re looking for a weekend road trip this fall, Llano is the perfect small-town getaway. Situated on the banks of its namesake river, this Hill Country destination offers a number of ways to unwind and experience true Texas culture. Keep reading for five fun ways to enjoy your trip to Llano:

1. Step Back in Time at the Llano County Historical Museum

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The Llano County Historical Museum sits on the banks of the Llano River. The building itself is wonderfully historic, formerly home to Bruhl’s Drugstore, which was founded in 1900. Setting foot in the museum is like stepping back in time, as the original marble soda fountain and leather stools, as well as a number of items from the original drugstore still remain inside. The museum is home to exhibits featuring the history of farm and ranch, pioneering, and military life, as well as a number of geological artifacts found in the area. Open Wednesday – Saturday, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., the museum is a great place to get to know the area. Visit for more information.

2. Go Rock Hunting in The Llano Uplift


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The city of Llano sits amidst the ancient Llano uplift – a unique geologic area of the Hill Country characterized by a large number of mineral deposits and large rock formations like Enchanted Rock. The area is rife with hundreds of types of rocks and minerals including amethyst, garnet, topaz, quartz, and even gold. In fact, there is even a particular quartz called “Llanite” which can only be found in Llano County. The folks at Enchanted Rocks and Jewelry on Berry Street can offer some insight on rock hunting, as well as some beautiful and unique products.

3. Explore History at the Red Top Jail


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