5 Hiking Trips Worth the Heat

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You want to go hiking and the heat is unbearable. The grass looks burnt and the sweltering heat is overwhelming. Just breathing the air feels dreadful. Although this happens to be the case for the Texas Hill Country during the summer months, there are still some pristine and gorgeous areas to go hiking. The best part is, for these hikes, they all have swimming holes making the hiking trip worth the heat.

1. Milton Reimer’s Ranch – Pedernales River

Hiking Trip in the Canyon at Reimer's Ranch Park
Photo: Facebook/Judy Loving

This is the first of two hikes along the Pedernales River. If you are looking for rugged hiking trip close to Austin, this hike fills that need. The trails are tricky and challenging but not unforgiving. Pack snacks, water, and sunscreen. Access to the beautiful Pedernales River is through a gorgeous and awe inspiring limestone canyon.

2. Barton Creek Greenbelt – Barton Creek

Photo: Facebook/Free Fun in Austin

For a closer trip in the heart of Austin, the Barton Creek Greenbelt offers a more relaxed experience. The trails are meditative and the views will leave you in awe. You will be surrounded by towering trees, overhanging cliffs, and smooth limestone boulders, all while hiking along the banks of Barton Creek.

3. Pedernales Falls State Park – Pedernales River

Photo: Facebook/Elaina Marie Walzel

More central in the Hill Country, the hiking trails in Pedernales Falls State Park offer a variety of hiking trip opportunities. The trails vary in length and difficulty. Make sure you take plenty of water for this one. To top off your trip, after working up a sweat, go for a dip in the refreshing cool waters of the Pedernales River.

4. Garner State Park – Frio River

Photo: Facebook/Trips to Discover TX

Up next is perhaps one the most gorgeous places to go for a hiking trip in the Hill Country. Garner State Park offers fantastic views of scenery, and the Frio River offers itself as an oasis after a long hot day of hiking. The trails are marked and very enjoyable. The park does get busy during peak operating hours, though.

5. Colorado Bend State Park – Colorado River

Photo: Facebook/I Love Texas

Finally, the hidden gem for most Texans, Colorado Bend State Park offers hikes that have been compared to hikes of South America in the Amazon and certain parts of Africa. The swimming is incredible and the views are worth the drive. You will see a huge waterfall and crystal blue springs just tempting you to dive in.

Had enough of hiking for the summer?  provides some ideas you can you do that aren’t nearly as intensive.