5 Signs You Grew Up in the Texas Hill Country

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Growing up in Texas is an experience unlike any other. Outsiders tend to think some of our habits are strange. We have our own ways of doing things that may seem weird but are perfectly normal to anyone living in the Lone Star State. We even have our own culture within a culture, as growing up in the Hill Country takes on a whole other side of being a Texan. Growing up in a small town has its perks, and truly distinguishes you from the rest. Below are five signs you grew up in the Hill Country, and are proud of it!

1. You dream about the perfect homecoming mum.

Texas Hill Country

Photo: Facebook/Heart to Heart

Homecoming is a down home tradition among any high school or college football game. But, it’s not just about the game, it’s about having the biggest and most decked out mum with a chrysanthemum as its centerpiece. Fall means it’s time to start creating that masterpiece of a mum to show off at the homecoming game. It’s become an art over the years with folks setting up shops and websites selling their one-of-kind mums with all the trimmings of your school’s colors and decorative items such as mini cowbells, mini football helmets, ribbons on end, and more. Yes, it’s definitely a Texas thing!

2. Your go-to meal is Whataburger.


Photo: Facebook/Whataburger

Feeding Texas families since the 1950s, Whataburger is a longstanding tradition for favorite go-to meals and a Texas treasure for many Texans. It is a must-stop on those long road trips through the Hill Country. With its staple ketchup and barbecue sauce, what’s not to love about one of the best burgers in town? It is rumored that some even take souvenirs home and display those Whataburger number signs proudly in their homes.

Even outsiders make pit stops to our Whataburgers on their way back home. Most recently, the legendary band U2 stopped in for those famous burgers and fries after their concert in Houston TX. You can’t go through Texas and not stop.

3. Schlitterbahn is our Disneyland.

Photo: Facebook/Schlitterbahn Waterpark

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