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6 Reasons Boerne is a Beer Lover’s Dream

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Bring goods for a picnic on Fridays and Saturdays during the brewery’s opening hours as no on-site restaurant currently exists. Kids are welcome, as well as Fido as long as your pup remains leashed and stays outside the tasting room. Kinematic Brewing Company, 635 Highway 46 East, Boerne

3. Boerne Brewery


Photo: Courtesy of Boerne Visitor Center

For many Boerne breweries, community serves as the cornerstone for their beer-making philosophy. It’s no different at Boerne Brewery. The 6,000-square-foot facility springs from property once owned by Edgar and Anna Voges, a couple with roots in the area dating back to the early 1900s.

With the town’s history and heritage in mind, Boerne Brewery plans to stay small and brew beer for Boerne’s residents and neighbors. Fred Hernandez has taken the Texas Hill Country climate and soil into consideration tweaking traditional recipes to highlight the region’s unique environmental qualities. His careful creative insight has led to the birth of yummy craft brews with a Texas Hill Country signature stamp.

For instance, the brewery’s Denim-Hosen wheat ale models itself after a German-style Kölsch adjusted for the warmer temperatures experienced in Texas versus Köln, Germany where the style was born. The brewery’s website encourages you to think about the brew like “a pair of Lederhosen made from denim.”

With four regular beers to choose from in addition to seasonal offerings, Boerne Brewery masterfully mixes old world style beer with Texas Hill Country flare. Boerne Brewery, 9 Hill View Lane, Boerne

4. Drink Texas Biergarten

Photo: Courtesy of Boerne Visitor Center

Maybe cruising around to a couple of different breweries on any given day sounds like a little too much work. No worries. Drink Texas Biergarten lets you sit back and order from a menu bursting with choices from many local breweries.

And it’s not just for beer lovers either. If you’d like to sample local wine and even local spirits, Drink Texas Biergarten can conjure up the perfect libation to satisfy your taste. Choices aren’t limited to Texas finest either. Maybe you want to travel the world through your drink glass. Drink Texas can fulfill your wishes with beverages ranging from home sweet home to the world over.