7 Reasons Why Texas Is The Best Place to be a Photographer

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5. Music and Festivals

Photograph of Texas country music artist Randy Rogers Band

Photo: Sonia de la Rosa

Texas is no stranger to the music scene, with hundreds of festivals and annual concerts calling it home. From the eclectic and unique sounds found in Austin to the traditional yet modern genre known as Texas Country, there are plenty of shows for a photographer to snap some action. Make sure to check the venue policies on the types of cameras they allow first though. You don’t want to miss a show because you have to go back to your vehicle to leave your camera!

6. Historic Sights/Landmarks

Tower of the Americas as seen through tree branches

Photo: Sonia de la Rosa

Texas, like most of the southern states, is steeped in history. What makes Texas stand out, however, is the vast expanse of land and events that have made the state what it is today.  Cities like San Antonio, Goliad and Johnson City offer any shutterbug a chance to hone their skills with hundreds of statues, missions and historic landmarks to capture. Remember: taking a lot of pictures at each location is the sure way to get that perfect shot.

7. The People

Interesting man poses for picture on a bench in downtown San Antonio

Photo: Sonia de la Rosa

Texas is a beautiful blend of cultures. With a population of over 27,690,000, there is never a shortage of subjects for a photog to snag. Just make sure you have a willing model and you’ll be sure to capture a colorful pic to add to your portfolio. You also may end up making new friends, and that never hurt anyone either.

As you can see, Texas has plenty to offer any photographer looking to expand their horizons. But don’t take this Texas girl’s word for it. Charge that camera, fuel up that tank, and get out there! Texas is waiting for you.

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