7 Texas Hill Country Universities You Should Consider

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It’s never too early to start thinking about college. Texas hosts dozens of institutes of higher learning for thousands of students. If you plan on attending college, consider these Texas Hill Country universities to get a great education and live in the beautiful scenery of this part of Texas.

1. Trinity University – San Antonio

Trinity University Texas Hill Country Universities

Photo: Facebook/Trinity University

Trinity University in San Antonio is a private liberal arts university. Compared with other Texas Hill Country Universities, this one is much smaller with only 2,600 students in both undergraduate and graduate programs, but it’s also ranked among the top in the nation. Size isn’t everything.

2. Texas State University – San Marcos

Texas State University Texas Hill Country Universities

Photo: Facebook/Texas State University

Located in San Marcos, Texas State University serves almost 39,000 students. With almost 200 degree options to choose from, finding a major or master’s is only limited by your imagination. Though its name has changed many times since it opened in 1899, the school has continued to offer a public college education to those seeking higher learning.

3. University of the Incarnate Word – San Antonio

University of the Incarnate Word Texas Hill Country Universities

Photo: Facebook/University of the Incarnate Word

In San Antonio, you’ll find the largest Catholic university in Texas, the University of the Incarnate Word. This private, co-ed university has 80 degree options. The small student to teacher ratio of 14:1 ensures quality education for all attendees.

4. Hallmark University – San Antonio

Hallmark University Texas Hill Country Universities

Photo: Facebook/Hallmark University

While many Texas Hill Country universities are liberal arts schools, Hallmark University offers industry-specific degrees that prepare students for jobs in healthcare, aeronautics, business, and information technology. Students at this private, non-profit university have options for undergraduate and graduate degrees. It originally began in 1961 as an aviation school and has since expanded.

5. Southwestern University – Georgetown

Southwestern University Texas Hill Country Universities
Photo: Facebook/Southwestern University

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