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Texas Man Accused of Stealing a Girl’s Horse and Riding It to Death

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Treveon Marqués Hillsman was recently arrested in Brookshire, Texas, accused of stealing a horse and allegedly riding it until it collapsed and died. He’s been accused of stealing it from a stable. He proceeded to ride it to Fulshear and then back to Brookshire, after which the horse collapsed from what can only be deemed as exhaustion. The horse died on FM 359, outside of H&E Equipment Services. Staff of the company heard everything and called the police.

According to abc13.com, the horse’s owner, Tony Henny, said, “My understanding is [the horse] was just exhausted. He was beating on her and, you know, using profanity to the point that she couldn’t take it anymore.” Henny told the local press he had just purchased the horse as a Christmas gift for his granddaughter, who is 10 years old. H&E employees tried to do what they could to save the horse before it died. Henny described what happened as unimaginable and added that he’s trying to find a way to break the sad news to his granddaughter.

Texas Man Accused of Stealing a Girl’s Horse and Riding It to Death

Photo: Wikimedia/Tony Webster

Police have stated that aside from stealing the horse, Hillsman will face a number of charges, including evading police and cruelty to livestock.

Henny said the tragedy will likely break his grandaughter’s heart. Though the family can get another horse, Henny said it just won’t be the same. His granddaughter had been longing for this horse, and now Henny has to tell her about what he regards as an act of inhuman cruelty.

Texas Man Accused of Stealing a Girl’s Horse and Riding It to Death

Photo: Pexels

The ride from Brookshire to Fulshear is a total of 7.5 miles. The police received the call on animal abuse at 7:15 p.m. on Monday, January 6, 2020. According to Newsweek.com, Brandal Jackson, Chief of Police, wrote in a social media release that authorities were told a man was seen “striking the horse with his fist in the face and mouth area while yelling obscenities,” according to a social media release he shared. When officers arrived on the scene, the suspect ran. Jackson noted, “Officers observed the missing horse to be extremely exhausted, dripping in sweat and shaking uncontrollably. The horse then fell shortly after and stopped breathing.”