Nationwide Gives Annual Hambone Award to Hound Mix for Most Unusual Pet Insurance Claim

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Last month, Texas Hill Country notified its readers that voting had begun for the 9th Annual Hambone Award contest hosted by Nationwide Insurance. Americans had the opportunity to read 12 stories of outlandish pet insurance claims the company received in the past year and then vote for their favorite hair-raising tail…err make that tale. After thousands of votes were tallied, the 2017 Hambone Award was given to Rooster, a hound mix from Scranton, PA. Rooster was seriously injured during a routine walk with his owner when he was impaled by a large stick while running through the underbrush.

Nationwide 2017 Hambone Rooster

Photo Courtesy of Nationwide Insurance

In addition to the bronzed Hambone Trophy pictured above, the eight-year-old hound received a special goodie bag filled with a plethora of toys and treats from Nationwide. However, Rooster was not the only beneficiary of the award.

The  Veterinary Referral & Emergency Center in Clarks Summit, Pa, received a $10,000 prize for their part in saving Rooster’s life. According to Nationwide, the money will be used to provide care for other animals in the area whose families are not able to afford proper medical care for their pets. Carol McConnell, DVM, MBA and Chief Veterinary Officer at Nationwide said the company is happy with this beloved dog’s recovery and is honored to present him with this year’s prize.

“Rooster’s improbable injury during such a routine activity exemplifies the purpose of the Hambone Award and highlights the incredible work veterinary staff members do to save our four-legged family members,” McConnell said.

Thankfully, Rooster has made a full recovery since his accident. If you would like to read the entire story of the harrowing ordeal he experienced, simply follow this link.

While we congratulate Rooster and his owner, Jen, on receiving this award we are sure they will not mind if we say we hope this is his one and only nomination for this particular trophy!

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