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Apple Looking Into Report That an iPhone Exploded in a Texas Woman’s Pocket

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A Houston woman sent photos of her iPhone to ABC 13 after the device allegedly exploded in her pocket. According to the news, the woman’s husband said the phone combusted, caught on fire, and lead to burns injuries. Photos of the iPhone show the device busted in half with the screen coming off and the back warped inside of a Houston Astros case.

As of now, Apple hasn’t released an official statement, but they’re looking into the matter. A spokesperson for the company warns that third party repairs or accessories could have led to the incident.

The Houston woman’s claim about an exploding iPhone isn’t the first. Earlier this year, a teen tweeted a video of her iPhone smoldering and Apple sent her a new device. But according to Lifewire, people shouldn’t start worrying about iPhones becoming the next Samsung Galaxy Note 7, which was recalled and banned from being taken onto planes. They explain, “What is safe to say is that the number of iPhones whose batteries have exploded is minuscule compared to the total number sold all time. Remember, Apple has sold over 1 billion iPhones. As we noted, there’s no official list of these issues, but if it was something that even one in a million people experienced, it would be a major scandal.”