The Astrodome Will Receive Official Landmark Status

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The Astrodome is having a big week. It was previously announced that the iconic venue will be lit up for this weekend’s Super Bowl, and now, the dome has received official landmark status, giving it the title of State Antiquities Landmark!

The Houston Business Journal points out that this status upgrade granted by the Texas Historical Commission has taken a while to receive. The request has been pending since April 2014, after the venue joined the list of the National Register of Historic Places in January 2014.

Supporters of the Astrodome were thrilled to find out that the Commission unanimously decided in favor of the status upgrade. “We thought it would never happen, but we never gave up,” said Cynthia Neely to Click2Houston. “There were roadblocks. It cost us money. It cost us tons of time.” The news states that Neely and Ted Powell have worked for years to see their hope for the Astrodome come to fruition.

Now that the Astrodome is an accepted landmark, the Texas Historical Commission must approve all changes made to the location in the future. Officials still say that the plans to raise the dome’s floor and add parking underneath will not be negatively impacted.