Baby Hilariously Signs for ‘Help’ in Viral Christmas Photo

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This beautiful little child did what he could to sign for “help!” clearly thinking he was in danger, sitting on the lap of Santa Claus, in this picture taken back in 2005. The boy’s name is Samuel, and his mother took to Twitter last week, sharing the photo which quickly went viral – with good reason!

At the time of the picture, Samuel was a one-year-old. His hands signed for “help!” as he sat on Santa’s lap in Maryland. He is not hearing impaired, however, his parents taught him how to use sign language for enhanced communication skills. In her Tweet, Samuel’s mom, Kerry Spencer, wrote, “We taught our baby sign language. This is the sign for ‘help.’ You’re welcome.”

At last week’s posting, 30,000 Twitter fans had viewed Spencer’s picture and 7,000 had shared it. She explained in an interview with People that a friend had convinced her to share the picture to Twitter following the annual posting she did to Facebook, which had been a family tradition. In the picture, Samuel has placed one hand over the other hand’s open palm and, of course, skeptics have already commented, claiming that his hand placement isn’t technically correct…but, he’s one, and clearly uncomfortable…cut the kid some slack! “It’s ASL baby sign,” Spencer explained. “Like with spoken language, certain words are ‘mispronounced’ by babies learning them.” Either way, this picture has to rank right up there amongst the greatest not-so-Christmas-y Christmas pictures that Santa has amassed throughout the various states over the years! We’re sure there are some prime ones from Texas as well! Do you have any great ones to share?