Does Your Backyard Need Professional Help? DIY Network Can Help

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Does your backyard make you miserable instead of delighted? Have your weeds taken over and choked out all of your landscaping? If so, there’s a reality show that you might consider applying for. The DIY channel is launching a new season of its show entitled, “America’s Most Desperate Landscape.”

Looking to Radically Transform Backyards


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The show, which will radically transform the outdoor spaces of American homeowners, is looking for participants for its 2018 season. A spot on the show earns you a “massive transformation,” according to DIY Network’s website. This can include the installation of brand new yard features, including “…patios or pergolas, stone walks or waterfalls… whatever it takes to create your perfect outdoor space for family time, a quiet retreat or lively entertaining.”

DIY’s search to find and fix one of the most unattractive backyards in the country is your chance to get the biggest landscape makeover of the year.

Outdoor Living Areas Is a New Concept

DIY Network

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Backyards haven’t always been all for relaxation and recreation, though. For most of the 19th century, the space behind the home was a workspace. It contained utilities and materials that kept the family supplied with necessities. Most families maintained a small vegetable garden in the backyard. While backyard gardens have made a comeback in our age of organic gardening and sustainable living, the movement to outdoor living in the past 20 years has brought the proliferation of decks and paved terraces in the backyard. Today, many families spend time in new outdoor living rooms, relaxing on lounge chairs, cooking over a separate outdoor grill, shaded by canopies and roofs.

Apply for “America’s Most Desperate Landscape”

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You can apply for “America’s Most Desperate Landscape” 2018 on the website of Fog Edge Media. The application involves submitting written information about you and your space, at least three photos (at least one a wide shot of your full yard), and a video showing your yard and your personality. You must also post the video to YouTube.