The Many Spirits of Mineral Wells, Texas

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Baker Hotel

Photo: Flickr/Ken Slade

Paranormal experts have taken photos and videos of many orbs floating around in the ballrooms and in the lobby. It almost seems as though the orbs are dancing. Several others swear they’ve seen Bonnie and Clyde haunting the grand hotel in several places and on different floors.

The main lobby area of the old Baker Hotel in downtown Mineral Wells, Texas on Wednesday, September 25, 2013.  (Brad Loper/The Dallas Morning News) 10142013xNEWS

Photo: rsvpdesignservices.wordpress.com

There are tours still available, but only for walking on the outside and throughout the grounds. Still, no one unauthorized is allowed to enter the building. Please note that trespassing is illegal and punishable crime.

Do you believe in ghosts? Would you spend the night in this enormous hotel if it was restored? Who really knows what or who lurks behind those walls?

Ultimately, this once majestic hotel would have been torn down years ago except for local activists working to protect it. It’s never too late; someone may just swoop in and make it grand once again. That’s exactly what happened to The Old Settles Hotel in Big Spring, Texas; it’s been restored with oil money. Perhaps the Baker will be, too. We can’t wait to see.



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