The Many Spirits of Mineral Wells, Texas

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Mineral Wells is just 50 miles west of Fort Worth. The town gets its name from the natural and healing waters, which flows through it. Many people have sworn this is magical water and can cure anything. Folks have traveled for miles just to bathe in it. Today folks come to Mineral Wells for a totally different reason. They’re hunting for ghost, spirits, and paranormal activity at the once famous Baker Hotel.


Photo: Flickr/Texas Back Roads

Since 1929, this 14-story, 450-room luxury hotel has always made quite a statement as you’re driving into this small Texas town. Its elegance was beyond compare to other hotels in the major cities. Now, spirits said to be haunting this famous hotel is what visitors seek.

The Baker Hotel was famous for its gigantic spa with the tubs of healing water. It had two magnificent ballrooms, a bowling alley, gym, and it was home to the very first hotel swimming pool in the Lone Star state. It catered to the rich and famous. The tiny Texas town of Mineral Wells was flourishing, even during the great depression, and the hotel was built to accommodate the bustling tourists. The hotel became a popular hangout for celebrities; the hotel staff welcomed such guests as The Three Stooges, Helen Keller, and so many more Hollywood elites. Supposedly, even the infamous criminals Bonnie and Clyde stayed there. (Guess all that bank money they stole came in pretty handy at times.)

Photo: sarahcrutchfield.com

On Mr. Baker’s 70th birthday, the hotel doors were closed never to reopen again. There have always been different groups interested in fixing it up and restoring it to its original beauty, but without financial backing, it has been impossible. According to the Mineral Wells Chamber of Commerce, a group has been working diligently for around eight years to secure financial backing to restore the hotel to its former glory and is nearing a solid plan.

Year by year, the old building sits vacant, falling apart piece by piece, inside and out. It’s been boarded up for years. Hefty fines are given out to anyone caught entering this broken down and somewhat dangerous icon. Those who have trespassed and made it inside have spoken of seeing ghosts, doors opening and closing, and doors locking all by themselves. Blood-curdling screams occur often. Over the years, photographers have captured unexplainable sights and sounds. Dozens of spirits haunt this broken down hotel.

As well, there are many non-believers who’ve witnessed for themselves ghosts walking around and even some drinking at the bar. Hand prints appear out of nowhere, right in front of the viewers. Haunting images can be seen going through walls. History has proved that registered guests have passed away during their stay. Many believe they are still there as spirits.

The most famous spirit/ghost is a beautiful young lady dressed in all white, walking the seventh story every evening crying in despair. The story over the decades insists she was the mistress of the owner Mr. Baker. When he refused to marry her, she jumped out the 7th-floor window to her death.

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