Ride the FASTEST Ziplines in All of Texas!

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Have you ever wanted to fly? I mean really fly! Most of us have at one time or another wished that God had given us wings. Unless you have a plane, helicopter, hang-glider, or helium balloon, you’ll have to go unconventional. Then, if you’re not wealthy enough to obtain a jet propulsion backpack, winged flying suit, drone rider, or other similar upcoming options, ZIPLINING is the best and safest option for flying through the sky without a net. It’s a great way to realize the dream of flight and fulfill the need to be free in the sky. They say that the family who flies together, thrives together. Well, that includes, friends and co-workers! Ziplining is also perfect for group adventures and corporate retreats, an experience that will bring more unity and strength to your group. So, whether, by yourself, as a couple, or with friends and family, expect to create a serious memory.

Now, what is ziplining really like? Thrills, chills, and a rush of adrenaline are what you start with, even before you strap on the equipment and step off the platforms. Scary? With proper education and preparation, any fears will quickly melt away. They’ll start you on the easy, short, low, training line that will let you realize you’re simply there for the fun and freedom that flying like a bird offers. Now, normally, zipliners travel at around 25-30 MPH, but depending on your weight and the course, you can get to around 60 miles an hour, give or take a few screams. The world record for zipliners is just over 80 MPH, but you’re not there for a record, you’re there for the fun!

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No, it’s not like a rollercoaster or bungy jumping. You simply don’t get the “stomach-dropping” fear from feeling like you’ve lost control. It’s more of a gentle, forward lateral thrill of freedom. Any real screaming is more from excitement and enjoyment rather than fear. As a matter of fact, folks with a fear of heights, motion sickness, or other such ailments report that ziplining actually helps alleviate those concerns. It’s actually something almost everyone can enjoy and be right there with the pros on the first fly try, and by the second or third line, you’ll be a pro.
Soaring through the hills along Lake Travis on the longest ziplines in Texas is something everyone should enjoy at least once. But you’ll want more! Be warned, just like Lays chips, you’ll want more, and you’ll also want to enjoy the adventure with family, friends, and others. We’ve been ziplining a few times, and the Lake Travis Zipline Adventures have the longest and FASTEST ziplines in Texas, so for just those two reasons, you need to go. And with their highly trained instructors staying with you the whole way, you’ll enjoy it like a pro, all the while guaranteeing your safety. You even get stories and information on the history, culture, and ecology of the area, along with good-humored zipper instructors.

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Now, if you go with a group, whether corporate, business, or church, expect to be challenged and brought closer together with the fun that’ll create eternal memories. All of it takes around 3 hours from start to finish and the time will fly just like the adventures, so you’re welcome to stick around and just enjoy the property. And with a group, catering, party extras, and more are available upon request.
The staff from the front desks to the guide teachers are incredibly helpful, knowledgeable, friendly, and funny. Some are even a bit dorky in a loveable kind of Austinite way. As a matter of fact, the staff are quite possibly what make Lake Travis Ziplines the best–they just care!
You can check out their website at or call them at 512-614-1996 to get more information or make your reservations. You can also email them at or check them out on Google Maps at 1459 Pocohontas Trail, on the Leander side of the Lake Travis, Austin Texas.
All you do is show up and have fun, they’ll supply all the needed supplies, gear, training, transportation, and anything else you could possibly need. Plus, while at Lake Travis Zipline Adventures property, you can also enjoy private relaxation on the waters of Lake Travis, including games, swimming, refreshments, and more. Their Lakeside Lodge gives even more private access to the lake, with all the extras for you and up to five of your roommates to make it a vacation stay and play for a night, weekend, or more. We do recommend you bring a hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, and your camera or video equipment, plus ways to attach them to your body.

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Bottom line, if ziplines are not on your bucket list, they should be! If the Texas Hill Country is the place you’re going to be, we highly recommend to be included in your Hill Country adventures.