Do You Know What was Named the Official Dog Breed of Texas?

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Labradors, Golden Retrievers, even Chihuahuas, and Yorkies are common sights at parks, riding in cars, and sometimes even at festivals and shopping malls all over Texas. But do you know which breed was named the “Official Dog Breed of Texas” in 2005 by Governor Rick Perry? It might not be a breed you’d expect.

The Blue Lacy: A “True Texas Breed”

Do You Know What was Named the Official Dog Breed of Texas?

Photo: Facebook/American Blue Lacy Dogs

The Blue Lacy was recognized as a “true Texas breed,” when Governor Perry signed into legislation its designation as the official breed of the state. The Blue Lacy is a working breed that originated in Texas in the mid-19th century. The breed was created by the Lacy brothers of Burnet County who wanted to create a dog who could help them round up wild hogs and herd them to market.

The Blue Lacy is said to be a combination of English Shepherd, greyhound, and wolf. The breed faced near-extinction in the early 1900’s as ranching practices all but eliminated the need for the dog’s help. Thankfully, the breed was “re-branded” by advocates as a hunting companion, and its popularity quickly took off. These days, while the vast majority of Blue Lacys are found here in Texas, their popularity is spreading, and breeders can be found in other parts of the United States.

A Striking and Hearty Breed

Do You Know What was Named the Official Dog Breed of Texas?

Photo: Facebook/NationwidePet

The Blue Lacy has a trademark gray-colored coat with blue undertones. The dog is known to be intelligent, intense, and very protective of its family. They have an incredible drive and do best when kept active and engaged. The Blue Lacy is highly trainable but has been described as stubborn. The good news is that the breed is known to live for upwards to 16 years and has little to no known breed medical issues. Experts recommend the Blue Lacy breed to active families who have time to exercise and entertain the dog with outdoor activities.

‘Reveille’ Was Almost a Lacy

Do You Know What was Named the Official Dog Breed of Texas?

Photo: Facebook/TexasDepartmentofAgriculture

In 2008, when Texas A&M University’s beloved mascot, Reveille VII died, it was suggested that she be replaced with a Blue Lacy. While the idea of a totally Texan dog replacing Texas A&M’s famous collie mascot appealed to some, another collie was ultimately chosen to carry on the title started by the school in 1931. 

What do you think? Is the Blue Lacy a good choice for official dog breed of Texas? What dog breed would you have chosen?