New Release: ‘Barstool Stories’ by Kevin Fowler is Your New Fan Favorite

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One of the backbones of the state’s country music scene, Kevin Fowler has just released his latest studio album entitled “Barstool Stories.” The Lone Star State singer/songwriter has co-written six of the 11 songs featured on his ninth studio album (11th in total) bringing his fans some of the finest Fowler has ever delivered and further endearing himself to them with his pure Texas style.

With each new release, Fowler imparts a different tone or theme, and “Barstool Stories” is no exception, albeit exceptional in its own right. Highly talented writers such as David Lee Murphy, Wynn Varble, Jessie Jo Dillon, and Chase McGill, among others, joined him for the creation of this project. Those looking for lyrics that are dance floor-ready and true to Fowler’s style need look no further than the Roger Creager/Cody Johnson/Fowler collaboration on “A Drinkin’ Song,” which was co-written by Chris Stapleton and Kendell Marvel. Regarding this power-packed tune, Fowler said that it turned out amazing.

Video: Facebook/Kevin Fowler

Shared on his official Facebook page, the new song and official video for “Everything’s Better With Beer,” from this latest album, was released to fans in the end of July. The Texas artist has been releasing music over the last few weeks as well as videos capturing some of the best parts of creating his newest album. “Barstool Stories” starts off with an ode to summer vacation mode with “Beach Please.” He quickly follows that with the melodic “Country Song to Sing,” proving his broad range of singing style. “Any time you release an album, you’re eager for fans to finally hear what you’ve been working so hard on. Seeing the excitement around this album build has been pretty dang cool,” the musician told

Have you heard the new album? What song is your favorite, and how do you think it ranks up against the latest from other Texas country artists? We want know!