Beach Please: Kevin Fowler Again Proves He’s a True Texas Showman

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Kevin Fowler has been a mainstay in the country music scene over the years. Most recently having the opportunity to play the NFR Best of the West Ball at the Silverton Casino Hotel in Las Vegas, he’s no shrinking violet on the scene! Ahead of great gigs such as this, and in keeping with the style his fans have come to know and love, he released a new single this year called “Beach Please.” Taking a page from his catalog of hit-making to crank out a summertime groove we could all kick back to, if you haven’t heard it yet, you’re behind the times!

Two decades in the country music industry, performing Texas red-dirt music like nobody’s business, Fowler released “Beach Please” as a single off his latest album entitled “Coming to a Honky Tonk Near You,” which came out on October 21 of this year. His repertoire includes “One For The Road,” which was released in 1997, through “How Country Are Ya?” which came out in 2014 under his self-titled label. Over the past twenty years, he’s consistently produced the kind of music his fans love and that new listeners find immediately attractive.

Shared on the KevinFowlerBand YouTube channel, “Beach Please” is the kind of song that reminds you we’re not too far from a warm getaway even in the midst of the winter months – which, if you’re in Texas, is legit the truth. As part of an entire album paying homage to the things that he loves, you can rest assured the Lone Star State features prominently in Fowler’s recent release. Likewise, his live shows are a testament to true Texas showmanship in themselves. His ability to connect to his fans and the energy with which he performs are inspiring, to say the least. It’s no wonder he was chosen to perform at this year’s NFR events – he’s a powerhouse of a star with a loyal band of fans who attest to it regularly. His natural gift as a crowd pleaser, coupled with his authenticity, makes Fowler a performer who never fails to bring his A-game. Check out “Beach Please” off his recent album “Coming to a Honky Tonk Near You” for just a taste!