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‘The Best Comfort Food in Texas’: Does Watauga Have What It Takes

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Noted by their title that they felt “The Best Comfort Food in Texas Actually Comes From a Small Town Gas Station…” Only In Your State went into great detail on Chef Point Café – a restaurant situated close to Dallas, which has been featured on several media outlets, including “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.”

Although many of us might think that gas stations aren’t famous for the best food (usually we stop, grab a coffee, debate on the selections, and hit the road again), Chef Point Café came along and changed all that. Most of us here in Texas, of course, have our favorites, and some will debate whether or not this is actually “the best” comfort food, but few can begrudge the site for expounding on what they felt was some of the “…best gourmet food ever to pass your lips.”

‘The Best Comfort Food in Texas’: Does Watauga Have What It Takes?

Photo: Facebook/Chef Point Cafe

Located in Watauga, just over 30 miles west of Dallas, Chef Point features a mix of not only great comfort food (the kind you write about, tweet, and Instagram on), but also some awe-inspiring Italian cuisine. Their menu includes meals such as grilled sea scallops in garlic butter, chicken parmesan, and something called “Better Than Sex Fried Chicken.” If that’s not an eyebrow-raiser, we don’t know what is. Texans love (we mean it with a capital “L”) their fried chicken, so this is probably a delectable dish worthy of a taste. And, then you can follow it up with their bread pudding, covered in hot cognac sauce – voted the best bread pudding among Fort Worth restaurants! Sounds like quite the place. But, does it rank as the “best comfort food in Texas” for you? It might just oust your top seed!